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Compulsory Day 2 & 8 Tests

COMPULSORY Covid-19 tests for all UK arrivals. PLEASE NOTE - you MUST book your tests before arriving in the UK.


Test to Release

COVI TESTING is proud to be offering Test to Release COVID-19 Services


Pre Travel, Fit to Fly Test

Approved PCR test delivered to your home address. Includes Fit to Fly / Travel Certificate.

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Our Day 2 & 8 Test Package is
compulsory for all UK arrivals
from amber list countries.

How It Works

Reduce the time you must spend in quarantine when landing in the UK.


Select the required test above and enter all traveller details.


Receive your unique booking reference immediately by email to be used in the passenger locator form.


We will dispatch both your day 2 and 8 COVID-19 tests together for delivery on or before day 2


Using easy to follow instructions, complete self-collection swab sample.


Using Tracked24 postage provided, return your sample to our lab.


You will receive your results to the email address provided during your booking

Frequently Asked Questions

Is testing on Day 2 & Day 8 following your return to UK compulsory?

Yes. Before travelling back to the UK, passengers travelling back from Amber List countries must book their travel test package, which will include both of the COVID-19 tests to be taken on or before Day 2 and, on or after day 8 of their quarantine.

When should I book my test?

You should book your test prior to returning to the UK, ideally 48 hours or more prior to your departure. When you complete your locator form prior to your travel back to the UK, you will be required to add your passenger locator reference, which is sent to you once you book your test.

What if I need to book for multiple people?

That's fine. Simply select the number of people you need to book for, and follow the booking form adding all details for each member of your party. Each of your party will require their own passenger locator number.

How do I calculate my quarantine period?

The day you arrive back in the UK will be treated as day zero.

When will I receive my test?

Your Day 2 & Day 8 tests are sent together, and are dispatched before day 2. For Day 5 Test to Release, these are dispatched to arrive on day 5.

Will both my Day 2 & Day 8 tests come together?

Yes. Both tests will arrive together and will be clearly marked; Who it is for & which is Day 2 & which is day 8. It is very important you take the correct tests as these have been assigned to the individual.

When do I take my tests?

DAY 2 Test – On or before Day 2
DAY 8 Test – On or after Day 8

Do I have to activate my test kit?

You do not have to activate your test kits

Can I track or amend my order details?

Yes. Go to the Track My Order and enter your details to track your order and make any amendments to your details.

What if my kit does not arrive?

We send your test kit package via DPD courier. You will receive a confirmation of predicted delivery time. If they are not able to deliver for some reason, they will leave a note and attempt delivery the next day. If your kit does not arrive in time please wait and take your sample as soon as possible.
If your kit has not arrived 5 working days after your arrival back to the UK, please let us know and we will arrange to send you a replacement test.

Can I leave my quarantine location to collect or conduct my COVID-19 tests?

Yes, you are permitted to leave your quarantine location to collect or conduct your COVID-19 test but you are required to return to your quarantine location as soon as this is completed.

How do I return my sample to the lab?

Each test comes with return postage to the lab. Using a priority post box, simply post your sample back to the lab. Bear in mind this is Royal Mail postage and again their may be delays and disruptions to their service.

When can I expect my results?

We endeavour to have your results back to you within 48 hours of the lab accepting the sample. Failure to correctly administer the test or follow the instructions may delay you getting your result.

How will I receive my result?

You will receive an email to the email address you provide on booking.

Can I leave quarantine early if my Day 8 test is negative?

Yes, you are permitted to leave your quarantine location to collect or conduct your COVID-19 test but you are required to return to your quarantine location as soon as this is completed.

Given that you provide us with the correct location for your quarantine, the DPD courier will be able to deliver it direct to you address.

Important note:

Patients must complete the self swab as directed in the instructions inside the test kit. Failure to take a swab as directed, may cause a delay in reporting your result. Taking a swab on behalf of someone else is a gross breach of the terms of this service.

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About The Test

Our testing kit is CE certified and detects the presence of COVID-19. The testing kit is a self-collection testing kit, which can be used by both children and adults. This test uses the RT-PCR testing method in a UKAS Accredited Laboratory. It has been extensively validated globally for the detection of COVID-19.

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